Funnel Consultant Society 
by Dino Gomez
 Is this guy legit?
Hey guys, my name is Gabriel Matthias Sim, and I wanted to take some time to share my personal experience with Dino Gomez, Funnel Consultant Society and in my opinion what is the BEST Business Model of 2019 Onwards.

In short, it's the best digital marketing program out there, with the best training and best support.

Basically, you get paid upfront with Dino's model... as in before you do any work for a client.... which makes this a cash flow positive business model.

Meaning you have a much higher chance to be successful compared to models that require lots of time/ capital before you see any return on investment. 

After all, one of the top 5 reasons a startup business fails... is due to lack of funds. Basically, if you run out of money, you're screwed and it's over.


Now you've probably heard (or seen) this spiel before; "some other guru talking sh*t about making money online". I personally hate BS like that with a passion and I can guarantee you that this is going to be worth your next 5 minutes of attention.

You probably would have heard of affiliate marketing, eCommerce (drop shipping), client SEO, rank & rent, etc. 

Well, I've been a digital marketer since 2015 when I dropped out of college, and I've pretty much tried (and had mediocre success) in every business model out there in the process. 

Now don't get me wrong; its not that these business models don't work, there are people out there who are doing these models and are successful, but they are just NOT practical for MOST people, unless you have:

1. A TON of money (eCommerce / dropshipping)
This is one of the CRAZIEST industries to be in as a beginner. You need to use your own money to run ads and test tens or even hundreds of different products before finding that one "winning" product that would make you your first $1 in PROFIT.

I've tried ecomm before and it's damn hard. You have returns to deal with, need reviews on your site for people to trust you before they buy, have inventory to purchase putting you in debt before you begin...

And I considered dropshipping but thing is everybody is selling the same products from Alibaba or Oberlo so that doesn't make you stand out. 

Take it from me.... Ecomm probably only works for super advanced marketers who can manufacture they own products and have capital to start. 

2. A TON of time (and even MORE money) (rank & rent SEO/ Youtube Celebrity)
One of the worst business models in my opinion. It just makes zero sense to waste months waiting for your sites to rank on Google and investing your own money, only to get hit by the "latest updates" and lose everything you've worked for in the last 6-12 months before you even sell a single lead.

Think about it this way... you're essentially building a house from scratch, using your life savings in a landscape where tornadoes have been known to hit, over 12 months HOPING you can rent it out to a random stranger.

Probably not the smartest thing to do with your time and money.

I've been hit by Google penalties out of nowhere after spending months and thousands of dollars trying to rank that site.

And when that happens, you've lost everything & especially hope. 

3. years of marketing experience (affiliate marketing)
to compete against the whales and gurus in the affiliate marketing space where they have dominated for years, or pick up the scraps.

What do the above 3 business models have in common? They all take a ton of time before you make your first dollar of profit, a ton of money to invest in the model to work, and months, if not years of trial and error and building up experience.

The one model that DID WORK pretty well for me was doing client work for SEO, and that is a GREAT business to be in... 5 years ago when there wasn't a million people "doing SEO" and destroying the reputation of the industry.

That was pretty much how I got started with my first "proper" business, 3 years ago, watching free YouTube videos on how to do local SEO work.

I learned the hard way that no matter how good you are (or claimed to be) at SEO, it was one of the hardest things to sell on earth. 

This is basically how every SEO pitch goes when you try selling it as a service to strangers. "Hey mate, I'm a complete stranger but would you like to pay me thousands of dollars for 6-12months, and POSSIBLY get a return on it?"

Thankfully by sheer luck, in my 2nd year of business I was approached by a prospect that was referred to me by one of my SEO clients, who asked me if I could run Facebook Ads for his Real Estate Agency.

Fast forward 12 months later we quadrupled our agency's annual revenue to multiple 6 figures.

Just by adding Facebook Ads as a service.

Heck. Facebook Ads were so easy to sell, execute and get results (compared to SEO) that we COMPLETELY revamped our business to focus on Facebook Ads as our primary service.

It got to a point we had to shut down our client prospecting funnel for a month because we had too many deals in the pipeline for our team to follow up with.

This was when we started bringing on board more team members to try and scale the backend side of things. I was scrambling to get a full SOP (standard operating procedure) for everything that was so clear in my head, but so difficult to put in words.

Thats when I saw an ad on Facebook, about the Funnel Consultant Society.

And low and behold it was Dino. 

So I joined. Dove in. Absorbed the training....

And although I had experience with FB ads already, I wasn't on Dino's level.

He drops serious nuggets in his program & helped me cut my cost per lead in half for my client campaigns. 

Which is why I'm spending the time to write this post. 

Because I'm not the only one who has crushed it with Dino's training and business model blueprint.

There are over 150 reviews for Dino now.  I'm just one of them and wanted to give him a well-deserved shoutout for helping me so much. 

So is this a beginner course? 

Yes and no. 

You'll see a ton of reviews from members with no online experience but also reviews from guys that are already doing 6 figures.

And that's the thing.... Dino covers everything from:

-How to land clients
-What to say to pitch clients
-Email templates to land clients
-How to setup your agency if you have no experience
-He gives you an agency website template
-Shows you step by step how to launch FB ads for local businesses
-How to do retargeting ads... lookalike audiences.... you name it.

Thing is... Dino makes anything easy to understand.

It must be his special gift or softs. He is a funny ass dude with a ton of personality which makes the training fun & direct rather than long and boring.

Then the videos are laid out in an organized fashion so it's easy to consume and keep track of your progression through each video. 

You can tell Dino knows his stuff inside n out. He actually runs an agency called Dynamik Internet Marketing Inc. & has huge clients he works with.

(Go ahead & Google his agency if you want.)

Cool thing is he shows you behind the scenes of his campaigns for these massive clients as well for his local clients.

So he's not some one hit wonder guru... he walks the talk. 

The best part? 

Dino goes the extra mile and gives you funnels for almost every single niche!!!

Literally, he gives you:

-The funnels to use
-Ads to use
-Ad copy to use
-Targeting to use
-Offer to use

For clients in all different niches...

So that I can quickly just copy and paste his funnels for any new clients I land, and have leads coming in without any guesswork.

The dude, Dino, is a beast when it comes to overdelivering!

Every week a new funnel or case study is added. 

It's the program the keeps on delivering & no question goes unanswered in the Facebook group or on the twice-weekly team calls. 

He even hosts meetup events for the tribe to attend so we can all hang out in person.

Inside the program, we call ourselves "Funcos" for short of Funnel Consultant Society. 

He really has fostered a community and everybody helps each other out. 

Anyways I'd recommend his program to anyone and highly recommend you checkout the reviews for his course.

Like I said he has 100's of them which is why I joined.

Glad I did. 

Hope this helps you make a decision. 

Dino really is a great guy & liked by everybody. 

Down to earth and everything. 

Here's my Facebook page should you want to connect & ask me any questions. 

I reached out to several of his members who posted their screenshots of their results to verify they were legit. They all vouched for Dino big time.

And you can just visit his opt in page.... which I found on his Facebook ad if you want to see all his testimonials... it will literally take ya a year to go through them all. 

This is what sold me. 


Dino is really short when you meet him in person. Just had to throw that in there. He's hard not to pick up and just love.

And should you attend one of his live events... be prepared to drink and have fun. The Funco meetup events include 8 hours of training each day... followed by happy hours and group dinners. Good stuff & ton of fun. 

Best Online Business Reviews. 2019.